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About Acres Surveying and Mapping, LLC


ACRES Surveying and Mapping, LLC is a unique small business dedicated to providing quality land surveying solutions tailored to the client's needs.  Unlike many surveying companies, each survey is entirely done – from fieldwork to finished drawing – by the licensed land surveyor: Stephen Shannon.  This personal attention to each survey ensures the highest level of quality and customer service.

Registered Professional Land Surveyor

Stephen Shannon is a Professional Land Surveyor licensed in the state of Indiana.  A native of Fort Wayne, he has a bachelor's degree in Construction Engineering from IPFW and, in addition, has extensively studied land surveying at Purdue University-Calumet.  He gained practical experience in the art of land surveying while working for several surveying firms in Northeast Indiana.  In 2015, he founded ACRES Surveying and Mapping, LLC to provide superior land surveying services to his clients.  

Stephen and his wife, Katie, were married in 2014.  Katie assists with the office work for ACRES Surveying and Mapping while simultaneously running her own Lets Play Music Studio (Check out her Facebook page here).


Stephen and Katie welcomed the first addition to their family in September 2015: Joseph Shannon, aka "Joey."  Joey serves the company as a surveyor-in-training (Estimated license date: Fall 2045).  His favorite hobbies are eating, avoiding sleep, and unleashing destruction.  He will soon celebrate his two-year anniversary with the company!

Katie and Stephen added another "Surveyor-in-Training" in May, 2017.  Please welcome Peter Shannon!

Check out this May 2016 article about us published by POB!!

Registered Professional Land Surveyor Working on Lake
Land Surveying Truck
The official ACRES Surveying and Mapping vehicle: the "Little Ranger That Could."
Land Surveyor Family
Future Land Surveyors

Joey and Peter, "Surveyors in Training"

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