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Our Surveying Services:

Property Boundary Survey (Staked Boundary Survey)

Property boundary surveys can only be provided by a Professional Surveyor licensed by the state.  A boundary survey involves the following:


  • Researching the deeds of the property and of each neighboring property.

  • Field survey finding and "flagging" the boundary corner markers of the property. Finding the boundary corner markers of the neighboring properties and checking for deed gaps or overlaps.

  • Preparing a detailed drawing of the properties showing any encroachments on it.

  • Preparing a detailed report analyzing any issues the Land Surveyor found during the survey.

  • Must be signed and stamped by a Professional Surveyor


It is strongly recommended to get a boundary survey of any property before purchasing it.

ALTA Land Survey

American Land Title Association


An ALTA Land Survey is a very in-depth boundary survey that is typically done on commercial properties.  This type of commercial land survey requires much more research and fieldwork than a standard boundary survey.

Surveyor's Location Report (Improvement Surveys, Mortgage Surveys)

A Surveyor's Location Report is an inspection of a residential lot to identify the improvements that have been built on it and to check for possible encroachments. A basic drawing of the property is provided.  These reports are designed to be used by banks and title companies to identify common problems, but are not boundary surveys and the property corners are not marked


These reports look similar to survey drawings and are often mistaken for boundary surveys by land owners.

Surveyor Location Reports are intended to be used by a bank or title company.  They have very little practical benefit to a land owner.  If you want to know exactly were your property lines are, you need a staked boundary survey.


Elevation Certificate & Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).  


Note: if you are required to pay for Flood Insurance by your mortgage holder, an Elevation Certificate or LOMA might reduce your premium or eliminate the requirement for Flood Insurance altogether.  This could possibly save you thousands of dollars.  Give us a call for more information.

An Elevation Certificate is an elevation survey of a house, garage, or similar structure.  It involves the following:

  • Researching the presence of floodplains near the building on FEMA Flood maps.

  • Determining the elevation of the 100 year flood per FEMA Flood maps (or from other sources if FEMA does not publish the elevations).  The 100 year flood is a theoretic flood event calculated by hydraulic engineers and used to estimate the flood risk of an area.

  • Field survey of the elevations of the building's floors, basement/crawlspace, garage, and the ground nearby.

  • Filling out an Elevation Certificate form (provided by FEMA) that reports the surveyors findings.

  • Must be signed and stamped by a Professional Surveyor


Site Surveys for Construction

We provide land survey support to for many types of construction projects including:

  • Site Plans and Plot Plans

  • Topographic Surveys

  • Construction staking

  • On-site Benchmarks

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