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The "Little Ranger that Could" has Suffered an Unfortunate Accident

The "Little Ranger that Could" is the indomitable little surveying truck of ACRES Survey and Mapping. For years it has plowed through snow, mud, rain and worse. It has driven bravely through woods, fields, construction sites, quarries, train depots and barn yards. It has dodged horses, trains, cranes, and gigantic, 2-story tall dump trucks!

Unfortunately, while returning home from a survey in Valparaiso, it was hit by an F-150 on a dark road in a snow storm. The insurance company plans to repair it, so hopefully it will be back on the job in a week or two. Meantime, don't be surprised to see me surveying out of a rented minivan!

As always, if you need a survey, just give me a buzz!

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